Clarksville Speedway race recap

We went up to Clarksville Speedway for the Toilet Bowl makeup race. Friday night portion was canceled due to rain and we all thought the Saturday night portion would also cancel due to the rain but they got it in.

This night was to be a hotlap/qualifying session then a feature only. Track wasn't the greatest for our session but it could have been worse i guess. We ended up qualifying in the 3rd position with a flat RR tire.

Get the tire swapped out to what we brought which was clearly the wrong choice. Too hard of a compound it it really killed the car.

Take the green i settle in 3rd place to wait until the leaders tangle however it would be me that tangled with one of those pesky yuke tires. Restart in the rear,was on the verge of just pulling in for the night as the car was just super loose but decided to see what i could get.

So we just start picking cars off 1 lap at a time had so cautious fall our way but we ended up finishing 2nd so it Wasn't a terrible night but wasn't a great night either. Car is in one piece. Wash day isn't going to be to enjoyable though.

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