$500 to win

We traveled up the road to clarksville Speedway for the $500 to win mini mod race.

The race event would consist of hot lap qualifying,heat races and a feature.

Driver made a bad decision on going out early for qualifying as the track was still very wet. We would time in 2nd overall while the fast time would be set from the last group.

2nd overall would place us pole setter for 2nd heat. We would lead flag to flag but however the 2nd place driver would try to take a dive bomb attempt on us in the 3rd corner which in turn caused the driver to drive over the lf corner of our car. This driver has a very good reputation of driving way over his head along with driving through other cars. I took exception to the situation and let it get the best of me and proceeded to allow this driver get in front of me on the cool down lap and what proceeded was not the best decision ive ever made however as he came around me i throttled the car up and just went straight through his lr corner spinning him into the infield. This resulted in the disqualification for the night.

What happened after i pulled back into the pit area was completely uncalled for as members of the "family" of the other car started throwing liquid and other things at me while i was driving back. In this process my 15 yr old daughter was hit in the leg with what was said a crowbar i dont know because i never seen it as i was still buckled in the car.

I arrived back into my pit area with a mob i guess you could say, get out of the car and go grab a jack handle for protection as we were outnumbered 15 or so to 1 basically, track owner finally arrives and gets things broke up. I was told by the track owner that both parties would be kicked out for the night so we load up and leave as we are told. However the other parties involved were allowed to stay and complete their race night. 🤔

Track favoritism is well on display with this situation as it was heard that the other individuals were not to be "kicked out" due to track would loose money by them not being there.

We get home and my wife checks on my daughter's leg after the incident which turned out to be a pretty big bruise from knee to top of her thigh. Shortly after checking her leg we decided it would be beneficial to pursue pressing charges against the individual who assaulted her. However with her being a minor it is up to the police department to pursue this.

What happened on the race track was 100% my fault i take full responsibility for it.

Iam sorry for my actions on the track,iam sorry to our sponsors and supporters

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