Clarksville Speedway race recap

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We attended the Spring Nationals Event at Clarksville Speedway. Big $10,053 to win race for the super late models. Just a normal night for us.

Went out for the infamous hot lap/qualifying that everyone loves. Timed in 3rd overall. Which means we would start 2nd in the first heat. Leader got the jump on us coming to take the green just ran out of laps and finished 2nd. Picked up over a second compared to qualifying times.

By finishing 2nd in heat we would start 3rd in the feature. Coming to the green the pole sitter loops out coming to take the green,he gets the spot back. We came back around to take the green race down into turn 1 and i loop it. I dont get my spot back 😕 have to start at the tail. Line up and go again pass 3 cars before we get to turn 1 and the Goon Squad strikes again before i can even get back in the throttle in the center of the corner Mr. Hero desides to just dump me in the lr corner and proceeded to keep his foot in the fuel and do what he could to destroy my car. Ended up with a junk lr tire and the whole left side destroyed. No laps completed for us as we would finish 8th on the night. We will access the damage tomorrow morning and go from there.

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