We went south for the Showme 2000 at Thunderhill raceway. Not sure of exact car count but it was kinda disappointing. Either way we went to race and have some fun for a change. Drew a 37 for the heat race line up which meant we would start outside pole for 2nd heat.

Went out for our hot lap session car was decent considering it was the first time it had been on the track in over 8 months or so. Throttle was sticking a little bit as so we got that issue resolved.

Heat race time, start 2nd got the jump on the leader however he got back around us,come back around to take lap 2 and not exactly sure what happened but the car went from the bottom in 4 to riding the top of the wall just past the flag stand. Not sure if the Rf tire went down but it was flat which resulted in a dnf.

Feature time we line up 8th ended up finishing 7th. Wasn't a bad night but wasn't a great night either. All the weight we put on the car absolutely killed the speed the car has. So we will take the weight back off and see what the next race will be.

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