Clarksville Speedway race recap

We took the Deuce up to Clarksville Speedway for its return after being left for dead. We were to get the shaft once again as we were to hot lap/Qualify then run a feature. Not the best of situations for us as we are still learning what the car wants and needs.

Night started out well as we went out to qualify and set fast time. I believe it was around 3 tenths faster than 2nd.

Then Mother nature decided that the track need additional moisture which it really didn't. We wait around for 2-3 hours the track gets the surface back to a "race able" condition. High traction as there was quite a few flips.

Line up for feature starting on the pole, we get the jump on 2nd lead a half lap then caution flies. Line up again get the jump again lead for another half lap caution again. Line back up and finally get to race by this point ive just about fallen asleep as its after 12am lol just kidding however i did nod off in staging. We finally get going and 2nd place drives around the outside and it was basically over from there. Ended up finishing 2nd on the night. Car needs a few tweaks here and there but overall it handled well and seems to work well on the bottom but that wasn't enough to get the job done. Overall it was a good night with the exception of a brand new RR tire either going flat due to beadlock leakage or its cut. We will figure that out on wash day.

Plans for next weekend are to be a I-75 raceway for their big unsanctioned race.

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