We return to victory lane

We ventured up to Clarksville Speedway once again for a weekly race. This would be the first time on the track for the changes we made on the front end geometry and boy let me tell you it made a huge difference.

10 cars signed in for the event. That meant 2 groups of qualifying. We would go out in the second group and set overall fast time with a 15.557 everyone else was in the 16's,17's.

2 heat races would take place with us starting on the inside pole of the 1st heat. We would lead flag to flag with a fast lap of 15.545.

Line up for feature starting inside pole take the green and we were gone. Finally got enough courage to put it on the top and let it eat. Car was absolutely on a rail as we ran off and hid. Led flag to flag. Fast lap for the feature was 15.492. Changes that we made made a huge difference looking forward to making a few more changes to get even more speed as the car has it. Thanks to all those that support us REI Concete, Karins Kustard, Day Racing Products, PPM Racing Products, Renegade Race Fuels and lubricants, Wilkerson race cars,Wilkerson Racing Engines, and DRS. Couldn't do it without any of them.

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