Clarksville Speedway season final

We made the decision to give it one more try to see if the fuel pump change would remedy our issues at Clarksville Speedway for their season final.

The night would consist of hot lap qualifying,2 heat races and a feature. We would qualify 1st once again with a 15.2 lap time on a very dry track. I guess the track lost the water truck somewhere lol, either way we were pleased with the lap. With that lap that would set us up with the pole position in the first heat. We would lead flag to flag to take the win.

Feature time comes around we start pole position,get the jump on the outside car and went on to take the win. 2nd place car wore my lr quarter out late in the race due to a late caution but it was good clean racing.

This was our 3rd win in a row on season ending races. This will conclude our 2021 season. Wasn't the greatest of seasons due to numerous issues with both cars but the plan is to come out swinging in 2022.

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