Weekend update

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We attended the Weekly show at Mountain View Raceway this week. Upon arrival we knew it was going to be a long night as we set in the turning lane to get into the track on hwy 27 for at least 35 minutes.

We finally get into the track,get unloaded and wait. It was announced that 147 cars were on the property for a weekly race. WOW!!!

We finally get on the track for hotlap/qualifying around 9pm i think not 100% sure on that. We made 6-7 laps and timed in 8th. Not to bad with the caliber of cars here.

Intermission finally comes around 11:30pm and its time for our son to take the track on his bicycle. This was a great race as he came from behind to take the win at the line.

1am. Roughly. Feature time for us. 25 laps on the bullring we roll off 8th. Not a whole lot of action during the race as we all are just running our own race. After 25 laps we finished 7th. These guys are some of the best in the country so nothing to hang your head about. Congrats to the 25 car on the win. Nothing torn up which is always a plus. Car is better than it was the first night out,couple adjustments and it will be better. Thanks to mom and dad for giving us the opportunity to actually have some fun in a race car.

As of right now we are scheduled to be at Clarksville Speedway for our next race in the Super mini. Keep checking back to see if that changes.

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