Clarksville Speedway

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First thing i want to say is thank you to All of our sponsors REI Concete, Karins Kustard, Day Racing Products, PPM Racing Products, Mom and Dad,Duggan Racing Services and My Wife. Without these people helping us out nothing we couldn't have the success we have.

We celebrated our daughter's 15th birthday at the track this week,cake and ice cream was on hand. Also Mom and Dad attended this weekend.

Now for the stupidity that happened last night. 1st laps on the track was hot lap/qualifying. We timed in 2nd fastest out of 7. Not my best effort but whatever. No inversions so that puts us starting outside front row for the heat.

Heat race time. We come to get the green race down straightaway i fall into second get into turn 1 leader pushes up the track "big surprise" i drive under clean coming out of turn 2 take the lead. I go on to win the heat. However in the midst of this race the second place car desides to use up every single corner of my car and just about every inch of it. Only place that didn't suffer any damage was the right side door. Also while this "so called iam just a driver" attempts to drive into turn 2 and he takes out a another car in the process along with himself. 🤣😂🤣😂. Hate it for the 53 car he got. Luckily he just had a little damage and was able to get it fixed for the feature.

Feature time. This is where the excitement takes place. I think all 7 cars started not sure. We start inside pole which after thinking about it i should've started outside then what happens next might have been avoided. We come to take the green flag coming out of 4 i take off outside car lays back and then proceeded to hook my right rear turning me head on into the wall. I never made it to the green flag. Intentionally done and the so called driver in the 73 was dq'ed for the night.

My Wilkerson Race Car was on point and kept me safe, aginst their moronic childish behaviors. My Necksgen Head and Neck device did its job ,the simpson belts kept me tight in the seat,the ultrashield halo containment seat did its job,along with the bell gtx helmet kept alot of force off my spine with it being light. I do have a headache from the sudden stop but ill live. Why did i mention all this? Its because if your not in the best safety equipment it can all be taken away at the snap of the finger, especially when your being targeted every race by these said moronic drivers, it was a hard hit the engine actually moved forward in the car. But we will recover.

Car has been cleaned and went over the best way possible but at this time it appears the car will need a new front clip.

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