Clarksville Speedway $500 to win

We took the 28 to Clarksville Speedway for the Halloween $500 to win mini mod race.

The night started out with hotlap/qualifying which we timed in 9th which was a very poor effort on my part. Track wasn't in the greatest of shape for this session but it is what it is. We lost brakes as well in the process.

No heat races tonight due to the intermission trick or treating for the kids on the front stretch so that meant we would start 9th in the feature.
With no true way of knowing if we got the brake problem resolved we kinda would be flying by the seat of our pants.

Feature time. Our bad luck continued as i rolled out on to the track the carburetor stud would break off sending the breather flying off. Green flag drops i go into turn 1 with brakes go into turn 3 no brakes so i just ride for a few laps and pull into the infield. Was going to attempt to make my up to the front but the track was to tacky with mud flying everywhere i didn't want to have a piece of mud fly into the carburetor.

We ended up finishing 13th i think. Try again next week

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